The Epitome of Custom STÄTUS Seats

This is a customer we ran across on Instagram. If you want to know the difference between STATUS and other racing seat brands, this car explains them all. When we say we do custom seats… We do custom seats! This customer is obviously a custom junky, from top to bottom his car is modded. Most people only mod the outside and do stereo upgrades for the interior. But any real tuner knows that your interior can exude the same custom quality as the exterior.

This Evo is rocking custom Status Racing seats in the back, and front seats. They are outfitted with our quality black leather and blue micro suede with the blue STÄTUS stitching at the top. Not many companies will outfit your entire car to the custom perfection you’re looking for. Not to mention, this entire custom job was made right here in the states. The moral of this custom made story is if you’re looking to really customize your car, STÄTUS Racing Seats are the way to go. We will work with you to get the exact custom look you’re going for. We digress… Without further adieu, here are the custom Status Racing, front and back, seats.