The Perfect Custom Seats for this Aggressively Sleek Subaru

This Subaru has been called, “Tastefully modded, aggressive and sleek; not overdone, but done with great attention to detail.” We couldn’t agree more. This customer obviously had a big picture for this build. This is not his first build and probably won’t be his last. The carbon on the accents and flows with the design of the stock body. It doesn’t modify, it amplifies the Subaru design and essence. Of course, this thing turns heads, that goes without saying. But we have a fond appreciation for the people who take time to enhance the place they spend the most time. Yes, we are a seat company, but that’s not the whole reason we appreciate interiors. We love custom interiors because it’s like decorating the inside of your house. We just feel that a custom interior allows you to see and enjoy your hard earned money.

These were the exact word from the customer when he received his seats,  “Omg omg I love them!!!” What more can we say!

His build is one we’ve been looking forward to for a while. He chose out Status Spa reclinable seats with gray ultrasuede and white stitching to compliment his silver ride. He also has red accents in his Volk wheels and the stickers on his car, so what better way to finish off a set of Status Spa seats, than a pair of Red, FIA Approved, Status Racing Harnesses. We are so pumped to present his build. The pictures below are a compilation of emails that we’ve gotten from him since he bought his seats.