Alpha Series GTR With Stunning Red STÄTUS Seats.

In collaboration with one of our Newest Distributors ACG San Diego and Talmage Goss also with professional photo-shoot done by Ronnie Renaldi Photography this GTR is brought to life helped greatly in part by these striking red STÄTUS Racing Seats. The Phrase Red in Tooth and Claw a reference to the sometimes violent natural world, in which predatory animals unsentimentally cover their teeth and claws with the blood of their prey as they kill and devour them. I think this white Pearl GTR fitted with the Alpha Package and these Red STÄTUS Racing Seats would make quick to dispatch its prey.

Automotive Connoisseur Group San Diego is our newest Distributor. Located in the San Diego area they can service the greater Southern California Area for any of your needs for STÄTUS Racing.