WR Blue WRX with Black STÄTUS Racing Seats

This WRX didn’t always look like this and as many new WRX owners will find it is often very hard to find an unmolested WRX much like a virgin S13 240sx or Honda Civic. Andrew went through his trials and tribulations with his ride as all of us enthusiasts have and has made this WRX not only road worthy but also his own. The WRX puts down hp and torque numbers (engine friendly I might add) that are nothing to scoff at. 300hp and more than 320 lb-ft of torque not bad for a car that little over a year ago was plagued with a blown transmission clutch and countless other electrical gremlins from the previous owner. With the motor sound and the suspension dialed in  Andrew had big plans that involved Rally but quickly realized the successful rally team runs on major sponsors or a rich mans wallet so he decided to do what any smart would be racer would do get into your local solo racing or AutoX scene. He needed a seat that would hold him in but was still comfortable for daily driving. He chose STÄTUS Racing seats and has never doubted his decision. The seats are a great addition even when Andrew decides to take his car to the next level he knows the STÄTUS Racing Ring seats will be up to the challenge. These Rings provide the much needed lateral support that the stock seats just can’t provide with the G’s you can pull in a well tuned AWD vehicle. These seats are sure to ensure that Andrew will spend more time thinking out the next downshift and hairpin rather than having brace himself. After all The Regular Ring seats like the ones in this WRX are FIA approved so he should have no trouble passing tech when he moves up to full track events.

Check out this link STÄTUS Racing Ring Bucket Seats

Thanks Again Andrew for the pics and we will be sure to follow your progress in the grassroots racing scene in the Pacific Northwest.