Audi A4 Showstopper with Custom ICON SPA Full Interior

You may be asking yourself what does he mean by full custom interior. Well this customer purchased extra diamond stitched material from us so he could do his back seats and a build out in the trunk. Needless to say this B7 A4 is a true ICON in show winning trim, just like everyone of our STÄTUS Seats. This entire vehicle was all built at our East Coast Distributor Prime Motoring. This quality build is no surprise since Prime has been building cars like these for quite some time now.

These custom STÄTUS SPA seats even have the passenger side occupancy detector included (per the customers request), being that he wanted full custom but OEM fitment design. This assures the dash wont be lit up like a tannenbaum, like many late model custom car builds are prone to due to the removal of factory components. With STÄTUS we can match your factory design or go with something completely different. With us you can have it your way.

There are many show winning designs that have come out of the STÄTUS factory in conjunction with Prime Motoring but I really love the attention to detail and the integration of the seats to pull the entire car together on this build. If you like what you see and would like to build your own car please feel free to contact us. Custom is what we do and we would love to be a part of your next masterpiece. Also if your in the Tri-State Area and want more than just seats go ahead and contact the guys at Prime they will be more than happy to build you a show winning marvel.