New Color Carbon and Hexagonal Backing

A couple weeks ago we announced that we have a new backing available, and would be releasing more backs and other pictures of the hexagonal backing. Our first seat came out of production with the new backing and it looks sick! We are so excited to offer not only our FRP and carbon backing but now a colored carbon and a hexagonal designed backs. The hexagonal backing looks so unique and aggressive on the seat, we can’t wait to see the red carbon on an actual seat. It’s going to give your car that pop of color that no other car has. We are the only one’s on the market offering this range of customization options and this many different types of backing. Once these seats make their way to us, we will be releasing install pictures that will make you melt.

These seats are no joke, if you want to step your game up and be a real STÄTUS symbol, email and get your custom order in today! We are still taking votes of what car to install the new seat backs in. What car would you like to see the hexagonal and red carbon backing in? Cast your vote in the comment section below or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.