New Colored Carbon Backing Released

As promised, we are now offering a red colored carbon. We showed you a preview of it with the hexagonal carbon, but it is now available for purchase. This red carbon has an almost burgundy tint to it, that gives it more distinction. The look is something no one else is offering. If you have a white or black Porsche or Mercedes, this colored carbon backing with some white diamond stitching, on cream leather would be amazing. It would be the perfect contrast, that sets your interior apart from all other cars.

Here are the pictures of the first set of backing’s we have made. We will wait for the seats to come in and do the install pics later as well. If you want a pair of STÄTUS seats, but they’re a little out of your price range, check out our latest sponsorship program. Tell us what car or seat combination you would create with this new colored carbon backing on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.