Texas Chainsaw, meets STÄTUS Racing

This customer is an avid Facebook fan, so when he sent us pictures of his ride’s unique photo shoot, we knew we had to blog it. We love photos like these, because it tells a story. Looking through these pictures made me think of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. The photographer does a great job of carrying the peculiar theme throughout the entire shoot. The black seat with the red harness,  takes on a personality of it’s own. The first picture is of the STÄTUS seat lit by the sunset. You can image a person sitting there waiting for night to fall. The hodgepodge look of the car is an uncanny resemblance of the skin quilt Ed Gein wore in the movie. Enough about our take on this amazingly artistic and eerie shoot, what do you think? Tell us on Facebook or Instagram @thestatusracing.








Special Shoutout to Alan Codebecq for the pictures and I’m a Photographer, Not a Terrorist for their artist shoot.